San Antonio residents vow to stop "Racism"

Sarah Forgany

Kens 5 San Antonio

May 2, 2010

The shock-waves from Arizona continue to reverberate in South Texas. A loud but peaceful crowd marched through downtown San Antonio on Saturday in response to Arizona's immigration law.

Ralliers held signs in their hand that read "Dignity and Justice for Immigrants" and "No Racism" They walked for miles around the city, up Houston street to the Alamo and down Commerce, finally stopping at the main plaza.

But while protestors want to veto Senate Bill 1070, others watching from the sidelines felt an Immigration reform is needed.

Joe Haley told KENS 5 law enforcement needs to get involved saying quote "If they don't ask, you can be letting terrorists, fugitives of the law, just slip on by."

The march, organized by Southwest Workers' Union was only one of dozens held around the country today.

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